Celebrities Shout Out The Glory Of Women On International Women's Day

We have just begun

We have just begun

Women around the world are celebrating International Women's Day on Friday and calling for action to close the gender gap.

Former Deputy Minister for Communications, Victoria Hamah has joined several women around the world to celebrate International Women's Day.

According to the United Nations, International Women's Day started in America in 1909, when the Socialist Party of America took to the streets to honor garment workers who had protested against inhumane working conditions the year before.

Women and men of all ages, races and religion took part in the annual day, which was also declared a formal holiday in the German capital Berlin.

The Debate - Israel Gaza 'War Crimes'
Over the last week, young Palestinians have gathered by the Israeli border as part of the Great March of Return protest. The night skirmishes are complementary to the weekly daytime protests that Gaza's Hamas rulers have staged for a year.

There is a public holiday today in Russia, China, Vietnam and Bulgaria, where the women are considered as symbol of "struggle".

This year's theme Balance for Better highlights the urgent need for a gender balanced world.

International Women's Day is about honour ing the women in your life- your mother, sister, girlfriend/ partner or wife, friend, colleague- and make them feel special by sharing these images, quotes, wishes and greeting cards with them.

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