Colorado Man Admits to Killing Pregnant Wife and 2 Daughters

County Sheriff's Office shows Chris Watts who pleaded guilty in the deaths of his pregnant wife 34-year-old Shanann Watts and their two daughters 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste. Documents show Watt

County Sheriff's Office shows Chris Watts who pleaded guilty in the deaths of his pregnant wife 34-year-old Shanann Watts and their two daughters 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste. Documents show Watt

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Chris Watts, the Colorado man who killed his pregnant wife and their two young daughters, told police that 4-year-old Bella struggled and pleaded, "Daddy, no!" as he strangled her in the back seat of his truck.

The prison interview, held on February 18, is the first time Watts, 33, has publicly confessed to the killings.

Christopher Watts eventually told police that he killed his wife after she killed the couple's daughters, and said the idea of blaming the girls' deaths on Shanann Watts came during an interrogation and he "just went with it".

Earlier, Bella had walked into the room just after Watts had strangled his wife, Shanann, and was wrapping her in a sheet to dispose of her body.

From left, Bella Watts, Celeste Watts and Shanann Watts. Watts was pregnant at the time she was murdered.

Then he smothered his older daughter, who didn't give up without a fight, according to the report.

"I just wished I could've let go", he told investigators.

He said he felt like there was something implanted in his mind that he was going to do it and that he "had no control over it".

He said his wife never fought back or screamed, according to the report.

Watts said his daughter Bella "watched him drag Shanann down the stairs and began to cry and said, 'What's wrong with mommy?' He told Bella again that her mommy didn't feel good".

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As Watts was preparing to move the body, Bella walked in and asked about her mother, Lambert said. After removing Shannan Watts' body from the truck, he said he smothered Celeste with a blanket in the backseat while her sister looked on.

Bella and Celeste each had a blanket with them and Celeste had a stuffed animal, Watts told police, the report said.

Authorities have speculated that Watts wanted a chance to start over with the woman.

He doesn't remember what he told them. A site allowing people to send money to inmates lists Watts under the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

Watts said he put the girls into the backseat of the truck, where they occasionally napped on each other's laps as he drove. After shoving Bella's body in a different oil tank, he buried his wife's body in a shallow grave nearby.

After his sentencing last November, prosecutors had said they may never know what led Watts to kill his wife and daughters.

Chris Watts speaks with investigators after being arrested for the murder of his wife and two children in police surveillance released, November 29, 2018. While comments were made by Shanann Watts' father at sentencing that this was a final act to separate the family, Christopher Watts told agents that was not his intent, and that he felt like someone else was in control of his actions.

The suburban Denver crime began with the disappearance of Shanann Watts and the children, and Christopher Watts' televised pleas for their safe return in August.

Two days later, Chris Watts was arrested and confessed to killing his wife and daughters.

When Watts was interrogated, he said he couldn't admit to himself what he had done, so he couldn't admit it to the police, the report said. He said detectives were the first to mention that Shanann may have killed their children and he "just went with it".

"Right now I'd have a five-year-old ... a three-year-old ... and more than likely, a one-month old son ... and a lovely wife ... and right now it's just me", he said.

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