Court grants unborn baby legal rights!

Newborn baby

Newborn baby

- NARAL (@NARAL) March 6, 2019So am aborted fetus with no sentient thoughts yet have more rights and claims on a woman's body than we do?

"This case is through the work of those dedicated attorneys and a dedicated father, Ryan Magers", Glidewell explained.

An Alabama court has recognized an aborted fetus as a person with legal rights, a decision that's reportedly never been made in the United States before.

Meager petitioned a local court to allow him to represent the estate of the aborted fetus, and in an unprecedented move, Probate Judge Frank Barger signed off on the petition. So, now we have a wrongful death case, which is part two, essentially.

"The only thing that estate has is the right to sue, and so that is what Ryan is doing - is suing on behalf of Baby Roe's estate", Helms said. Alabama recognizes the personhood of a fetus, so the man was allowed to sue on behalf of "Baby Roe". She did so anyway, Helms said. "We're upfront and honest and transparent as a fish tank".

"This is the first estate that I'm aware of that has ever been opened for an aborted baby", Magers' attorney, Brent Halms, tells WAAY 31.

"He got excited about being dad" Helms said.

"I'm here for the men who actually want to have their baby", he said. According to the pregnant woman's father, she was a 16-year-old high school senior and Magers an unemployed 19-year-old when they learned she was pregnant.

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Magers claims in court papers that his ex-girlfriend took a pill to end her pregnancy on February 12, 2017 despite his pleas to keep the baby.

"Even though there's nothing I can do for the situation I was in, there is something I can do for the future situations for other people", Magers said.

A teenager in Alabama is suing an abortion clinic for terminating the life of his unborn child against his wishes.

The ruling specifically addressed whether Alabama's Wrongful Death Act "applied to pre-born children harmed by medical negligence before viability", according to LifeSiteNews. The pro-life advocacy group praised the filing in a blog post at the time, calling the lawsuit a "timely reminder that every single abortion committed is a chilling assault on a precious and innocent human life".

Last year, voters in Alabama - one of the most conservative states in the country when it comes to abortion - passed an amendment to the state constitution that recognizes the rights of the unborn with a 59 percent yes vote. The woman's boyfriend claims he did not want his unborn fetus to be aborted.

"Under Alabama law, an unborn child is a legal person, ' the complaint reads".

"[Roe's mother] is one voice among three in this scenario", Ilyse Hogue, NARAL's president tweeted yesterday.

The lawsuit, which Helms hopes will eventually make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, has alarmed some pro-choice advocates.

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