Discless Xbox "Maverick" could arrive as soon as May

Discless Xbox

Discless Xbox "Maverick" could arrive as soon as May

The removal of the costly drive is expected to make the updated Xbox One S a cheaper proposition, and according to Windows Central it will arrive under the name "Xbox One S All-Digital Edition" which is certainly a lengthy name.

Rumor mill: Microsoft's rumored disc-free Xbox One is reportedly nearing completion and could launch within a matter of weeks. If it has a decent amount of storage, you could just load it with your darling back catalogue and you've got a reliable, compact means to play a variety of games from both the 360, Xbox One and even the original Xbox era.

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The report states that an all digital only Xbox One S is coming in May, with pre-orders in April.

Sams cites multiple sources, claiming that Xbox Game Pass on the Nintendo Switch won't be happening anytime soon. It looks as though it could be near-global simultaneous launch for nearly all existing Xbox markets. When plans first leaked a year ago, it was reported that a disc-less Xbox could sell for up to $100 less than the standard console. Alongside this all-digital edition console release Microsoft will continue to push its Xbox Game Pass digital subscription and the Project xCloud streaming service may well dovetail with this hardware introduction. However, specialised video game retailers are few and far between these days, and you can buy a console from John Lewis, Amazon, or any other number of stores who don't care about sales of games. It was reported at the time that the system didn't have a disc tray, and would instead rely on digital downloads and Xbox Game Pass to install new games.

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