Firefox Send encrypted file transfer service is free for everyone

Firefox Send File Sharing Service

Firefox Send File Sharing Service

As well, users can choose how long the link is live before it expires and add a password as an extra layer of protection. Users can have their file size capacity bumped up to 2.5GB if they signup for a free Firefox account.

Firefox Send, which will also be available as an Android app, illustrates one of Mozilla's efforts to diversify beyond the Firefox browser.

Files on Firefox Send are ephemeral.

"We know there are several cloud sharing solutions out there, but as a continuation of our mission to bring you more private and safer choices, you can trust that your information is safe with Send", Nick Nguyen, Mozilla's VP of Firefox Product, said today. Firefox Send now allows links to remain for as long as 7 days or 100 downloads. That means Mozilla doesn't have to hold large files indefinitely, as other file storage services, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, do. They simply receive a link to click and download the file.

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Unlike most other file sharing services, Firefox Send doesn't encrypt users' data after it arrives on the company's servers (thus allowing the company itself or anyone with access to that company's servers to see what's in the files), but before, on the user's local machine.

Though the number of users is gradually dwindling, Mozilla launched a Firefox rejuvenation project called Firefox Quantum that has sped up the browser.

There are notable limitations - Firefox Send is merely a free service that makes it easy to quickly upload a file and send it to someone without worrying about an exposed copy on a server somewhere or whether the recipient has the right account to download. Send also lets you configure auto-expiry settings for the link.

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