Google updates Gboard for iOS, adds translation support for 103 languages

Gboard for iOS adds text translation support Here’s how to use

Gboard for iOS adds text translation support Here’s how to use

The translation feature is available on iOS 9 and up for iPhones and iPads. Translate support has been present in the Android counterpart of the app for over two years now.

Once you update your Gboard app, youll notice a translate icon in the suggestion bar.

"Google has been steadily adding languages to Google Translate, and we can expect the feature to continue to grow on iOS", the report added.

Gboard for iOS adds text translation support: Here’s how to use it

The selection menu shows the familiar iOS scroll menus - scroll through the output language menu to see all of the supported Google Translate languages. Google detects the language you are typing in automatically, so simply tap the Google button and then select a language to translate into. Pick the languages to translate to and from.

Apart from the newly introduced Translate feature, Gboard on iOS also offers GIFs, emoji search, stickers, glide typing, search and send from Google, and much more. The translated text will be automatically entered into the messaging (or other) app's text field, eliminating the need to copy and paste. The Translate feature remembers the previous output language, speeding up future translations.

Google now has 70 iOS apps within Apple's App Store in Canada.

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