How to Unlock Gambit Prime in Destiny 2

Gambit Prime Tips

Gambit Prime Tips

A lot of those same rules apply in Gambit Prime, but with a bunch of new caveats. Allegiance Quests, meanwhile, ask you to play missions from the perspective of either the Vanguard or the Drifter.

The below Gambit Prime trailer shows the four perks for each role-specific armor set.

To activate them you need consume the role's Synth for an automatic +3 buff, and then augment it with multiple armour pieces. The recommended power for Reckoning, the other big new mode added to Destiny 2 today, is 650, so you'll be pretty close to that, too. Since it's only one round it shouldn't take that long for you to complete. Your weekly powerful rewards will continue to drop closer to your current power level, which is a waste until you've gotten your total max all the way up to 640 through these special bounties. The first perk alleviates one of the most agonising moments you can experience in Gambit: losing all your motes when you die.

Picking up motes grants you an overshield.

Collector +15: High-Yield Savings Carry up to 20 Motes. Health regeneration near the bank may prove useful when you're hunting Envoys during the Primeval phase.

Multikills increase your damage output against Taken enemies.

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Invading players are marked for your team.

Sentry +15: Light of the Defender You and nearby allies are granted maximum resilience, mobility, and recovery while in the Well of Light.

You gain ammo whenever you invade.

Your invasion overshield can absorb more damage.

Whenever you invade, the enemy team's bank locks up and you drain motes from it by standing near it.

We already knew the second (of three) season was on the way for Destiny 2's "Year Two" post-Forsaken world, but thanks to a roadmap rundown and developer video we have a better idea of what it entails.

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