Huge Russian cargo ship CRASHES into busy road bridge in South Korea

Gwangan bridge Busan South Korea

Gwangan bridge Busan South Korea

A Russian cargo ship veered off course and bumped into a bridge off the southeast coast of South Korea on Thursday with a drunk captain on board, authorities said.

However, the Korea Coast Guard (KCG) said it was not clear whether the captain had actually been steering the almost 6,000-ton vessel when it bumped into the Gwangan bridge in Busan-the country's second largest city. However, the crash did tear a small hole in the lower level of the bridge, forcing authorities to close the structure as a safety precaution, The Independent reported.

But the ship was reportedly going the opposite direction to its planned course and the captain had a blood alcohol level nearly three times above the legal limit.

A KCG official said consuming alcohol aboard a vessel isn't punishable by law as long as the person doesn't steer the ship.

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Dramatic video shows the giant red ship cruising towards the bridge as traffic speeds across it.

The ship then turns back and heads in the opposite direction.

The ship had arrived in Busan the day before to unload 1,495 iron pipes, before setting off for Vladivostok, in Russian Federation, on Thursday. Following the incident, the Russian coast guard opened fired, wounding six Ukrainian crew onboard and seizing the tug and two other gunboats. Local media reports that the vessel may have had a drunk captain at the helm.

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