'I agree 100%' to keep U.S. troops in Syria

Trump 'I agree 100%' to keep US troops in Syria

Trump 'I agree 100%' to keep US troops in Syria

News reported that Trump responded to a February 22 letter from a bipartisan group of Congress members calling on him to keep USA troops in Syria.

His comments come two months after he abruptly announced Washington would be pulling all forces from the region.

The president's intent was written on a letter, obtained by NBC News, that a bipartisan group of Congress sent to Trump on February 22, lauding his decision last month to keep a small USA contingent in Syria.

But the letter--signed by Senators Lindsey Graham and Sheldon Whitehouse, among others--emphasizes that they support a "small contingent of Americans forces" remaining in Syria to "ensure stability and prevent the return of ISIS".

A copy of the letter obtained by NBC News showed that Trump highlighted a paragraph about the objectives of continued US presence in Syria.

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In classic Trump form, the president took a black marker to the letter, highlighted the previously quoted paragraph and wrote directly onto the printed letter, "I agree 100%".

This is quite a switch for the president, who in a tweet storm and Twitter video in December, claimed that ISIS was beaten and that all the US troops were going to leave the region on his orders.

US military personnel have since said that a couple hundred troops will be remaining in the region, with forces staying in northeast Syria to create a "safe zone" as well forces being at the al-Tanf garrison in southern Syria.

Last week, while speaking to US troops at the Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska, Trump said that 100 percent of Daesh territory had been taken over.

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