Japanese Court Finds Former Mt Gox CEO Guilty of Data Manipulation

Mark Karpeles chief executive officer of Tibanne Co. poses for

Mark Karpeles chief executive officer of Tibanne Co. poses for

Although neither Karpeles nor Mt. Gox directed advertising specifically toward IL or even the United States, users could view information touting the exchange's sophistication and security on Mt. Gox's website. In December 2018, prosecutors had demanded that Karpeles may serve a 10-year jail term and had alleged that he used $3 Million of customer funds for personal usage. "In April 2011 there was an article in Forbes which changed Bitcoin forever, and I found myself managing emergencies every day without any time to do the work that'd need to be actually done".

Mt. Gox was the original Bitcoin exchange, transformed from a website that sold Magic: The Gathering playing cards to the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world, with over 80% market share. In 2014, the exchange collapsed in a spectacular fashion after 850,000 bitcoins were stolen, leading to a loss of almost United States dollars 500 million for users of the exchange.

Dutang reminded him Friday, "I hope you'll keep your words", to which the former Mt. Gox CEO replied, "Will do".

Karpeles says the bitcoins were lost due to an external "hacking attack" and later claimed to have found some 200,000 coins in a "cold wallet" - a storage device not connected to other computers. The laws for exchanges in Japan also requires that investors and creditors get fair compensation and protection. Ver was adamant this should not have happened, stating, "I think people should be punished AFTER they are convicted, not before" (emphasis his). However, the former Mt. Gox CEO has been skeptical of such plans.

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The court handed Karpeles a suspended sentence of 2 years and six months. It added: "There is no excuse for the defendant, who is an engineer with expert knowledge, to abuse his status and authority to perform clever criminal acts". He is likely to avoid prison, unless he commits another crime in the next four years. However in early 2014 there was speculation that two accounts on Mt. Gox (nicknamed "Willy" and "Markus" by researchers) had exhibited odd patterns of trading activity that may have contributed to BTC's rapid rise.

The acquittal of Karpeles on the more serious charges of embezzlement and aggravated breach of trust raises more questions than answers in a country where the conviction rate for criminal charges is over 99 percent.

"Upon discovery the BTC were moved to a safer environment and lawyers worked on how to announce this to the court", Karpeles said. He also maintains he was coerced into signing a confession.

Images courtesy of Bloomberg, Pxhere, and Pixabay.

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