Martina Navratilova sorry for transgender ‘cheat’ claim

Martina Navratilova on Sunday apologised for describing transgender athletes wishing to compete in women’s sports as cheats

Martina Navratilova on Sunday apologised for describing transgender athletes wishing to compete in women’s sports as cheats

Following a series of backlash from the global sports community, Navratilova on Sunday apologised for calling transgender as cheats in her article.

Martina Navratilova has apologised for using the word "cheating" when referring to athletes who wished to cynically change gender to compete and excel in women's sports.

The tennis legend, an 18-time Grand Slam singles victor, was branded as "transphobic" after writing a column in The Times of London, claiming that allowing transgender athletes to compete with women, who were assigned female at birth, was "cheating and unfair".

Effective July 2018, access to full reports will only be available with a subscription. She claims she stumbled into a "hornet's nest" by attempting to "encourage a more scientific, rather than emotional, conversation" about trans athletes in profession sports.

The 18-time Grand Slam tennis singles victor said she was sorry for using the word "cheat".

She further explained that she attached the label in terms of a case where someone changes gender temporarily to gain a competitive advantage.

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Davies caught criticism last week for saying that "fundamental differences" between men and women make transgender athletes too powerful to compete against natural-born women. "I'm sorry for that because I certainly was not suggesting that transgender athletes in general are cheats".

Moving forward, Navratilova (pictured below) wants to continue to debate this issue "not [based] on feeling or emotion but science, objectivity and the best interests of women's sport as a whole". Despite having both a weight advantage, and being over a foot taller than the natural-born women she was competing against.

"It's insane and it's cheating", she wrote.

"Needless to say, I have always and will always be a champion of democracy, equal rights, human rights and full protection under the law for everyone". "Fairness has been my mantra all my life".

Also appearing on the show, Prof Cashmore said: "Inclusivity means that we assign the person to whatever event their present day sex suggests they should compete in".

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