Measles outbreak: Wellington schools, early childhood centres warned of risk

No confirmed measles in MidCentral, but it could spread

No confirmed measles in MidCentral, but it could spread

The country's chief public health officer is urging her fellow doctors to answer questions from concerned parents about vaccinating their children to head off the spread of measles. According to Dr. Theresa Tam, some parents are less scared of the measles itself than they are of the prevention of it, their sources of doubt being the measles misinformation they found online which can be misleading or downright false.

In a lengthy statement Tuesday, Tam says health care providers on the front lines of the battle between truth and misinformation need to help parents navigate fact from fiction.

The Sydney resident, who is aged in his 30s with an unknown vaccination status, developed measles a few days after returning home from Pakistan.

In the past week, an additional 25 measles cases were reported, with 22 confirmed in the Williamsburg neighborhood.

The Department of Health (DOH) reiterated its appeal to parents or guardians of preschool and grade school pupils to have the children vaccinated before school comes to a close.

"We are targeting to vaccinate our schoolchildren at this time before school closes on April 5, since we are nearly finished vaccinating in our health centers", Duque said.

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"Measles is a highly infectious virus that can be life threatening".

The initial child with measles was unvaccinated and acquired measles on a visit to Israel, where a large outbreak of the disease is occurring. Anyone who has received two doses of a measles-containing vaccine is highly unlikely to get measles. From my perspective, even one child dying of measles is unacceptable.

There is no cure for measles, but most people fully recover within two or three weeks.

A Sydney baby - too young to receive their routine measles vaccine - also developed the disease after arriving home from the Philippines. Some have spoken of hard recoveries that have taken weeks or months, sometimes leaving permanent disabilities, and heartbreakingly, some have spoken about losing their children.

For children, the effects of the disease can be worse.

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