MIT's creepy four-legged robot can now do backflips

MIT's Mini Cheetah Robot Can Backflip

MIT's Mini Cheetah Robot Can Backflip

MIT describes the robot as having a range of motion "that rivals a champion gymnast" including the ability to walk right-side up or upside down. It would be impossible to watch the Mini Cheetah run through a pile and leaves and not think "Awwww, who's a good boy?" With Cheetah 3 they planned on all the technology used in their previous generations Cheetahs and make function search and rescue robot. Mini Cheetah weights only twenty pounds, which might be a key element behind is capabilities.

MIT is back with the most recent variant of its Cheetah quadrupedal robot, the Mini Cheetah, and it has another trick at its disposal: it can do reverse flips. Professor Kim believes in the open platforms and their potential to accelerate research.

'Eventually, I'm hoping we could have a robotic dog race through an obstacle course, where each team controls a mini cheetah with different algorithms, and we can see which strategy is more effective'.

"In Cheetah 3, everything is super integrated, so if you want to change something, you have to do a ton of redesign", Katz says.

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MIT is now making more of these Mini Cheetah robots, and plans to have a set of 10 to show off at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in May. You could do that. - said Mr. Katz. So, they set about programming the mini cheetah to perform a backflip. With better trajectory optimization Mini Cheetah can do backflips.

The team is building about 10 more Mini Cheetahs, which they plan to loan out to collaborating groups.

Aside from the impressive backflip (which earned a heartwarming cheer from the team behind the robot, as you can see in the video), the robot kitten can get back on its feet even if it has been toppled over, which is also quite an fantastic feat.

Until more such robots hit campuses across the USA, we invite you to have a look at the scary machine MIT built, so you have an idea of how the enemy looks like.

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