Mitt Romney blows out his birthday candles differently than you do

People Can't Get Over The Bizarre Way Mitt Romney Blows Out His Birthday Candles

People Can't Get Over The Bizarre Way Mitt Romney Blows Out His Birthday Candles

But it's the way the 72-year-old blew out his candles that has Twitter abuzz.

A few, however, came to the politician's defense, pointing out that expelling air directly over a cake is likely to spread germs. But there's a chance that would get saliva on your party treat, so Romney's way is arguably more sanitary.

That said, even if the polite politician were able to effectively protect his staffers from his germs, there would still be other cake-related contaminants to consider. "Looking forward to all this year has in store".

The clip starts with a member of Romney's staff walking into his office with a platter stacked full of Twinkies.

Romney is clearly surprised by the kind gesture, as he smiles wide at the sight of the snack.

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Behold as he circles the cake in awe proclaiming: "Just what I always wanted, holy cow!" As you can see, he had plenty of dad jokes in the cellphone holster, like, "Good thing I haven't had breakfast yet" and "What are you guys going to have?"

The senator's staff presented him with a decidedly odd cake constructed of Twinkies. You expect Romney to handle that task the way, say, C-3PO would - genially, but with enough awkwardness to remind you that he's built out of bolts and steel.

Romney echoes the sentiment, first asking, 'Paige, did you do this?' and then drawing a laugh from everyone when he says, 'You are sick!'

"These are all wishes I'm getting", Romney is heard saying.

"Goodness gracious, look at this!" he added.

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