NOPD: Two dead, eight injured following pedestrians hit by auto

Two killed and six injured as car hits crowd in New Orleans street

Two killed and six injured as car hits crowd in New Orleans street

The victims were a man and a woman both aged about 30, New Orleans emergency medical services said.

The auto stopped in a "remote part of Bourbon Street" and the two talked outside the vehicle, police said.

PHOTO: Tashonty Toney, 32, has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide after hitting a number of pedestrians in New Orleans on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019.

The driver in that 2017 crash, Neilson Rizzuto, was charged with vehicular negligence resulting in injury, and reckless operation and hit-and-run driving.

The New Orleans Police Department said it has a suspect involved with the crash in custody.

One witness, cyclist Frank Rourk, told The New Orleans Advocate that he saw a driver of a dark sports auto spin out on the median.

Toney's bond was set at $510,000 by a magistrate commissioner Sunday.

Toney was arrested after citizens stepped in to stop him from fleeing the scene of what they believed to be a one-car accident. The driver ran off but then laid down on the sidewalk where he lost consciousness.

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"We do not believe at this point in time that this has anything to do with the Endymion parade", Ferguson said. "You better go back there".

The incident happened not far from the Endymion parade, one of the city's biggest Mardi Gras parades.

A 28-year-old woman was leaving a store near Canal and Tchoupitoulas streets on Sunday at 12:45 a.m., when she saw a man holding a gun to her niece's head, police said. Five of the injured were taken to the hospital while one refused treatment, Fourcade said.

A black Chevrolet Camaro could be seen near the scene, as well as mangled rented bikes.

One onlooker, Dane Barrymore, told the Advocate that he saw a dark sports auto speeding down the street.

Witnesses said the driver sideswiped several vehicles before coming to a stop outside a restaurant and trying to leave.

While responding to another call nearby, officers received reports of bicyclists struck by a vehicle, according to NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson. He said he went to help but it quickly became apparent that one of the women and the man didn't survive.

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