Osaka one of new Barbie 'Sheroes'

Osaka one of new Barbie 'Sheroes'

Osaka one of new Barbie 'Sheroes'

'And I feel like Barbie's creator will be looking down on me proudly on her birthday as I am doing everything possible to be Barbie'. "I've always dreamed about being number one, I've pushed myself along the way and of course I have other goals now".

For young girls all over the world who find personality and identity in owning a Barbie at a very young age, the fashion doll manufacturing company has launched a project that will present 20 trailblazing women in various fields as Barbies to inspire the next generation of women.

Osaka joins the group of powerful and inspiring women who are already part of Barbie's "Sheroes" initiative - which also includes gymnast Laurie Hernandez, Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad and model Ashley Graham.

She said: 'A straight Barbie nose, finishes off nicely other recent surgery I've had done: jaw tightening with threads, Botox maintenance, mouth corners turned up for a doll-like perma-smile and lip plumping for a doll pout.

Ultimately, working as Barbie's clothing designer changed her life, she told People.

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The tremendously talented actress and advocate commented on Instagram that, "I'm honored to be repping all the young ones as a Barbie Role Model".

Becoming a "Shero" and realizing her place as role model for young female athletes is something that Osaka does not take lightly. "I think that it's really important because, especially in Haiti, there aren't really that many schools".

Rachel, who also works as a professional "Living Fashion Doll", said: 'I chose to get the nose job non-surgical rhinoplasty to ideal looking like Barbie - I need to look plastic fantastic.

It has pledged to do this by donating $1 from every doll sold in the U.S. to the foundation up to a maximum of $250,000, a this is an initiative that Osaka supports. "I hope that girls feel inspired, and I hope they somehow see a lot of possibilities when they look at all the dolls". "For me, I just feel like I like to live without regrets and that's always been my motto".

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