Psychologist Analyzes R. Kelly's Interview With Gayle King

R Kelly denied allegations he had sexually abused victims in a new interview by CBS

R Kelly denied allegations he had sexually abused victims in a new interview by CBS

During the 80-minute interview Kelly alleged that people accusing him were doing so for financial gain and also suggested social media made it too easy to accuse people of crimes.

Late Wednesday, authorities say Kelly was taken into custody during a hearing in Chicago over unpaid child support. I have been buried alive.

After R. Kelly's interview was aired, the Savage family held a press conference to say they still believed he was causing harm to their daughter. Prosecutors allege he sexually abused four victims, at least three of whom were underage, with the accusations stemming from 1998 to 2010.

STAND-UP GUY | When Kelly launched into his now-infamous, meme-worthy rant about how his life is being destroyed by these allegations - rising from his seat and taking steps toward his interviewer while swinging his arms - King didn't flinch. From his explosive interview with Gayle King, to his girlfriends appearing for their own interview later on this week, there are plenty of headlines running regarding R. Kelly.

On Friday, March 8, CBS will broadcast a separate interview King conducted with two young women now living with Kelly.

Jonjelyn, unsatisfied with her answer, shot back: 'I am listening but why haven't you been able to call anybody in your family and friends?'

Kelly told King he loved both of the young women and was in a relationship with them. "How stupid would it be for R. Kelly, with all I've been through in my way, way past, to hold somebody..." "At this point, R. Kelly's got nothing to lose".

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"Stop it. Y'all, quit playing!" "This is not me".

R. Kelly sobs 'I'm Fighting for My F***** Life!' Thoughts? "It's clear as he sidesteps formal interview etiquette that he is a rule breaker", she says, citing his raised voice, subtle micro-facial cues, and "sharp-edged" gestures that increase in frequency as the interview goes on. He insisted the past allegations were not relevant to the new accusations about his behavior with underage women.

Regarding the moment he beats his chest (an "alpha signal"), Wood says that his action is a limbic response to "feeling attacked", and his means of getting ready "to fight". "That's not fair. When you beat your case, you beat your case", he said, referring the the acquittal.

King wasn't having it and replied with: "But I'm not talking about the one case in which you were acquitted, I'm talking about the other cases where women have come forward and said 'R".

"They were describing Lucifer", Kelly said. "Their father is more into my music and know about my music than they do".

"I need to state the obvious that this is not normal". Those interviews will air Friday, March 8th. I think asylum is what he needs: "24/7 care and attention", she wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, Mr Avenatti addressed the emotion Mr Kelly had shown in the interview.

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