Teen Tells US Senate Why He Defied Anti-Vaccine Mother

One other Huge Research Finds Measles Vaccine Doesn’t Trigger Autism

One other Huge Research Finds Measles Vaccine Doesn’t Trigger Autism

It's crucial to counter fraudulent social media information about vaccines that alarms parents, says the USA teen who started getting vaccinated against his mother's wishes when he turned 18. Ethan Lindenberger of Norwalk, Ohio, said his mother's "love, affection and care is apparent", but that she was steeped in online conspiracies that make him and his siblings vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases like the ongoing measles outbreaks.

"I grew up under my mother's beliefs that vaccines are unsafe", Lindenberger told a Senate health committee. He said he'd show his mother scientific studies but she instead relied on illegitimate sources that "instill fear into the public".

In December 2018, an 18-year-old student asked Reddit for help: How and where should he go in order to finally get vaccinated?

As Washington battles a measles outbreak that has affected at least 71 people as of Monday, the state has struggled to communicate with people who are skeptical of vaccines, according to state health secretary John Wiesman. While deaths are rare in the USA, measles killed 110,000 people globally in 2017 - and unvaccinated Americans traveling overseas, or foreign visitors here, can easily bring in the virus.

Lindenberger created national headlines after he posted on Reddit several months ago that, "my parents think vaccines are some kind of government scheme" and "god knows how I'm still alive".

"I feel like if my mom didn't interact with that information, and she wasn't swayed by those arguments and stories, it could've potentially changed everything", he said.

There are now at least 206 confirmed measles cases reported across 11 states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

"People don't resonate well with information and data", Lindenberger said.

Share on PinterestSurprise yet another study shows the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism. Getty Images
Share on PinterestSurprise yet another study shows the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism. Getty Images

His story made headlines and today Lindenberger, 18, stood before US Congress and speak about just how unsafe anti-vaxxer misinformation can be, claiming most of his mother's misinformation about vaccines was based on social media posts and anecdotes.

Washington's immunization coverage rate among kindergarten-age children is around 90%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While Paul's remarks generated some audience applause, Sen.

Canada's chief health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam also weighed in on this wave of later in life vaccinations saying "I don't think it's too late ever to get your measles immunization up to date".

"Some years it's completely wrong", he said. "But I do not favor on giving up on liberty for a false sense of security". Bill Cassidy responded to Paul and referenced how there are some vaccine requirements in place, such as in hospitals. "This is why I question vaccines", says mother Brandy Vaughn, who has chosen not to vaccinate her son. "I'd love to be a guest at Thanksgiving dinner at your house", joked Isakson.

"The sources which spread misinformation should be the primary concern of the American people", he said.

Most states allow parents to claim a religious exemption to vaccination requirements for their children to attend school. "Now, if you're such a believer in liberty that you do not wish to be vaccinated, then there should be a effect, and that is that you can not infect other people". "The only way to protect against measles is to get vaccinated".

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