The Trump Administration Wants to Strike Down Obamacare. Again

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks. Trump signed an official proclamation formally recognizing Israel's sovereig

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks. Trump signed an official proclamation formally recognizing Israel's sovereig

On Twitter March 26, Trump said: "The Republican Party will become 'The Party of Healthcare!'"

But now, she says, "I'm very disappointed and vehemently opposed to the administration seeking to invalidate the entire Affordable Care Act".

"We always felt that the issues that affect average Americans - healthcare, climate change, jobs - (are) far more important to them, and to us, than what happens in an investigation", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters. The federal judge hearing our case correctly called out the "absurdity" of the Administration's reasoning, and ruled the Administration was unlawfully attempting an "end run" around the ACA.

Then he rattled off a number of deadly diseases - the kind of ailments that get coverage even if Americans hold preexisting conditions when they get insurance - one of the most popular elements of President Obama's health law.

Rep. Katherine Clark, vice chair of the Democratic caucus, said the Justice Department's move belies Trump's claim that Republicans will provide better health care for Americans. On Monday, the Justice Department said the entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down in a filing with a federal appeals court, a dramatic reversal of a stance it took past year.

But a White House official said Thursday that Short "spoke too soon" because aides are still debating whether the administration will take the lead in crafting a proposal or ask Congress to step in.

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Democrats credit the fight over health care with helping them recapture the house.

It comes two days after the Justice Department issued a memo siding with Texas Federal Judge Reed Charles O'Connor's decision from December which argued that the landmark health care act was unconstitutional. The elimination of Obamacare would send health insurance premiums soaring and revoke coverage for tens of millions of people, he said.

O'Connor ruled on a lawsuit brought by a coalition of 20 Republican-led states including Texas, Alabama and Florida, that said a Trump-backed change to the US tax code made the law unconstitutional.

Still, Republicans insisted on Wednesday that making another run at repealing Obamacare was a matter worth discussing even though it would prove more hard this year than it did when they controlled both houses of Congress. So its not a question of that - this is not about that - this is about us doing our work, ' she said, CNN reported.

Obamacare survived a 2012 legal challenge at the Supreme Court when a majority of justices ruled the "individual mandate", which requires individuals to buy insurance or pay a penalty, was a tax that Congress had the authority to impose. Last year Congressional Republicans succeeded in eliminating the mandate as part of a 2018 tax package.

The lawsuit was filed by NY and 10 other states.

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