Throwing cheese at babies is the new viral internet trend

Parents Are Chucking Cheese At Their Kids As A Joke – But Is It Funny?

Parents Are Chucking Cheese At Their Kids As A Joke – But Is It Funny?

The freaky new "Cheesed Challenge" has parents posting videos of themselves flinging slices of cheese at their kids, hitting them in the face.

Grown adults are throwing slices of cheese at their babies' heads.

As people began sharing the video started and news outlets picked it up around the world, the Twitter user unclehxlmes started to get nervous. These videos have divided the internet, and some of these videos are also being hidden on Twitter by being labelled as "sensitive content".

The prank was apparently started by a MI dad last week, who dubbed his dairy-tossing moment "getting cheesed".

"It genuinely got way out of hand", he wrote.

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For some reason, it took off and within hours people were copying him and the so-called "cheese challenge" was born.

Most users found the challenge hilarious, following suit and praising the boy's alleged "uncle" in the comments.

The Twitter user deleted his video and explained it wasn't his after all.

"I think it's awkward and uncomfortable for the child", she said of the challenge.

"He uploaded a video of himself approaching his toddler brother while holding an ominous slice of cheese", FOX reported.

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