Two more measles cases in Vancouver area, bringing total to 15 infections

General Public Not At Risk For Measles, Vancouver Doctors Says It Is Unlikely To Spread

General Public Not At Risk For Measles, Vancouver Doctors Says It Is Unlikely To Spread

Parents who refuse based on religious or philosophical grounds would be required to attend a course created to show them the risks of not vaccinating their children.

Gustafson said it took a week to get all the students' immunization records and improvements are needed to ensure a quicker system limits disruption to families as well as use of health-care resources.

Bonnie Henry agrees and Dix says they are looking to implement it by September. A rundown of where they have been and what they have done has been recorded by VCH to ensure the public's safety.

Of the 15 measles cases in the Vancouver area, 12 are related to the school outbreak that began when one child acquired the disease while travelling. For the most part, VCH has been successful in determining where the person was when they were contagious and where the disease was contracted from in order to ensure the spread of measles is limited.

"It is our public responsibility", he said.

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Dix told reporters Tuesday that mandatory reporting is a goal of his ministry. "The long period required to wait for legislation is not required in this case and we can move forward more quickly". "That's the direction we'd like to go", said Dix, adding he doesn't know why it didn't happen earlier.

"Free administration of the MMR vaccine to any child exposed to measles is safe and effective, and is known as Post Exposure Prophylaxis", said Wilkinson. "It will be structured in law somewhat differently, but it will be mandatory reporting".

VICTORIA, B.C- Parents will have to provide proof of immunization for their kids, starting this fall.

Two new cases of measles have been confirmed in Vancouver, one of which was reported at a Kitsilano daycare for toddlers.

Vancouver Coastal Health has reported two new cases of measles, bringing the total of infected patients to 15. People who are pregnant, immune compromised and under one year of age can get a medicine called globulin that reduces risk of severe illness if you get the shot within six days of being exposed. Thirty to 40 students and adults have recently temporarily removed from particular schools where the outbreak is taking place.

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