US Food and Drug Chief to Resign

Gottlieb testifies during a Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee hearing

Gottlieb testifies during a Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee hearing

The back story. Gottlieb joined the agency at the behest of the White House in 2017, and he went on to surprise many with his aggressive stance on a number of health issues. Gottlieb, 46, had grown exhausted from a long commute each week back and forth to CT, according to the person, and he felt like he'd set in motion many of his goals on drug costs and e-cigarettes. He was a senior official at the FDA and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during the George W. Bush administration.

Nonetheless, his unbiased streak typically stoked stress with others within the administration. He was additionally outspoken on Twitter in the course of the 35-day authorities shutdown and hesitated to steer the cost on drug importation, a pet coverage proposal of President Donald Trump. Christl had previously indicated that the FDA would issue either revised draft or final guidance no more than 2 years after the end of the comment period on the draft guidance, or May 2019. Shehan said that Gottlieb's tenure at the FDA compared with those of previous commissioners has been "a pretty stark contrast" in terms of "what he's done and been willing to do to make the drug market more competitive".

Analysts at Deutsche Bank, taking press reports of the esteem at which the current administration held Gottlieb at face value, expect a like-minded replacement.

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Following news of Mr Gottlieb's resignation, the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index turned negative. Richard Burr of North Carolina, a tobacco state, disagreed with the FDA's push to ban menthol cigarettes.

It closed down 0.5 per cent as shares of Amgen Inc erased gains and Gilead Sciences Inc shares fell further. The FDA also proposed stricter age-verification requirements for online sales of e-cigarettes. Gottlieb is stepping down after almost two years leading the agency's response to a host of public health challenges, including the opioid epidemic, rising drug prices and underage vaping. Even though Gottlieb's deputy commissioner for legislative affairs is a former Burr staffer, Anna Abram, Burr has taken to the Senate floor in recent months to rage against Gottlieb. He surprised critics who anxious about his ties to the pharmaceutical industry by speaking out about rising drug prices and drug companies' tactics to keep competitors off the market.

"We've taken notable enforcement actions to confront bad actors that put Americans at risk", Gottlieb wrote, highlighting agency crackdowns on bogus stem-cell therapies as well as unsafe medical devices and dietary supplements.

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