USA police launch probe after black man held for cleaning his yard

Boulder police detain black man for picking up trash

Boulder police detain black man for picking up trash

The officer radioed that the man was "being uncooperative and unwilling to put down a blunt object", which has since been verified as a bucket and a metal trash grabber.

The police department in Boulder, Colorado, is investigating a confrontation between a black resident and police that occurred after an officer thought he might be trespassing on his own property.

Meanwhile, the initial responding officer, whose name hasn't been released, has been placed on paid administrative leave.

According to a police statement, an officer had observed a man in a partially enclosed patio found behind a "Private Property" sign on March 1 and began speaking to him to determine if he was allowed on the property.

"He lives here", the man behind the camera adds.

During the video, the man presents an officer with his school identification but is still detained as the officer decides to investigate him further. No action was taken on the other officers who were called to the scene.

"I'm not sitting down, and you can't make me", the man says as seven more officers arrive at the scene.

The man is heard telling the officers several times to get off his property.

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Though a police spokeswoman would not release the number of officers involved, citing the ongoing investigation, at one point the man can be heard saying that there are eight officers "with guns drawn".

"In contrast to what was stated in the video that is on social media, body worn camera video indicates that only one officer had a handgun out, and it was pointed at the ground", he explained.

The man repeatedly tells the officers that he lived at the apartment complex, was simply picking up rubbish and was not armed.

The man eventually put down the tool and the officer who first confronted the man holstered his weapon.

"Officers ultimately determined that the man had a legal right to be on the property and returned the man's school identification card", the release concluded. The officers then left the premises and no further action was taken.

The Boulder Police Department is now conducting an internal affairs investigation into the incident.

"Once the investigation is complete, it is reviewed by the officer's immediate supervisor, commander, deputy chief and the professional standards review panel (which consists of six community members and six department members from all areas within the department)".

At a Tuesday City Council meeting, Boulder Police Chief Greg Testa pushed back on assertions that the officers had their guns drawn, WCJB reported.

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