YouTube Will Soon ‘Fact Check’ Videos Deemed As ‘Misinformation’

YouTube Will Soon ‘Fact Check’ Videos Deemed As ‘Misinformation’

YouTube Will Soon ‘Fact Check’ Videos Deemed As ‘Misinformation’

In this case, a user searches for information regarding a well-known internet hoax about the painkiller paracetamol carrying a hemorrhagic disease called the "Machupo" virus. When people turn to YouTube for news stories and type in certain terms or topics that are "prone to misinformation", so-called information panels will pop up to debunk rumors or point out fake or misused videos, BuzzFeed News first reported.

The articles used for the new information panel will have to pass through a markup process to be used. The panel appears with the phrase, "Hoax Alert!" because the tablets do not contain the virus in question. For YouTube's part, that meant helping authoritative (and hopefully factual) content rise to the surface of YouTube's sprawling morass of videos. While the information panel does show up below the search bar, related videos will still appear in the search results.

Examples of content that would receive these information panels provided to Buzzfeed included the search term "CCTV footage of the Pulwama terror attack". The feature is now being rolled out to a limited number of users in India, one country in particular where the has. It said the feature will eventually be rolled out globally, but did not elaborate as to when.

YouTube has been roundly criticized over the last couple of years for its suggestions algorithm, which often leads viewers down rabbit holes of more and more troubling subject matter.

YouTube Will Soon ‘Fact Check’ Videos Deemed As ‘Misinformation’

YouTube and other social media have been used as platforms to kickstart hoaxes. The company said that these panels will appear on top of the search results, and help users identify misinformation, and avoid videos propagating it.

YouTube provided the screenshot above as an example. If the test goes well, YouTube plans "to roll this out in more countries as time goes on", according to a spokesperson.

As per a report by BuzzFeed News these panels, which will be provided by YouTube's verified fact-checking partners, will not show up on individual videos but on pages of the search results. But you should know that the information dispensed by some of these videos may not be factually accurate.

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