A 'Pink moon' will light up the sky this Good Friday

Article heading image for A ‘Pink Full Moon’ Will Rise Tomorrow & It Will Cause Chaos

Article heading image for A ‘Pink Full Moon’ Will Rise Tomorrow & It Will Cause Chaos

You may have heard of a blue moon but what about a pink moon?

When is the April fill moon and will it turn pink?


April's full moon was named the full "Pink Moon", because it coincided with the blooming of "moss pink" or wild ground phlox - a bright pink wildflower, one of the first flowers of spring.

While the moon won't be pink it will still be a wraith site to see.

As well as its colourful title, the first full moon of April is also known as the sprouting grass moon, the egg moon and the fish moon depending on the part of the world, culture and landscape. They also recommend taking a look the night before, Thursday, because the moon will be nearing its peak while illuminated against the dark sky.

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Sure, it's a bit of a letdown that we will not be witnessing a magical, pastel-pink celestial body, the moon may appear yellow, orange, or red due to the atmosphere. For best viewing check your local moon rise and set times.

The April full moon will be visible tonight (stock image).

Whatever intentions you set on a new moon always develops throughout the course of the waxing moon phase, until your desires blossom completely on the full moon.

Reports, however, said the full moon will not appear pink as its name suggests. Or more precisely when the ecliptic longitudes of the Sun and Moon differ by 180°. So, while it will appear fairly large, it is not considered a super moon. The full moon occurs roughly every month.

Even checking on other stars can be hard as the moon's bright light can outshine them.

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