Airbnb Guests Find Hidden Camera Live-Streaming Their Stay

Discovery The family smile for the CCTV camera after they found the wifi connection allowed them to view

Discovery The family smile for the CCTV camera after they found the wifi connection allowed them to view

But when Mr Barker, an IT consultant, connected his mobile phone to the house Wi-Fi, the evening took a odd turn.

We're not certain which of the two devices on the ceiling contains the camera.

On Newstalk Breakfast this morning, Nealie Barker said her husband stumbled across the camera's live feed as he was trying to connect to the property's Wi-Fi.

The scan unearthed a camera and subsequently a live feed. "They had no advice for us over the phone".

"He scanned that device's ports and found the live video feed", Nealie Barker said.

"It was late at night, but we decided fairly quickly we didn't feel comfortable about staying at the house", she told Stuff.

"We have encountered lots of weird and wonderful things and like to think we take most things in our stride".

The family relocated to a nearby hotel and called Airbnb the following day.

"The kids felt anxious that the host might be a scary stalker type and we knew he had remote access to the front door, so could in theory enter the property".

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A spokesperson for Airbnb told Daily Mail Australia the company had apologised to the family and issued a full refund. They poked around and found a camera hidden in a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector.

According to The Atlantic, hidden cameras are not an uncommon problem at Airbnb rentals.

The process of getting a response from the rental website had been "hopeless" the Barkers said, and it was several weeks before they heard any outcome. "PLEASE SHARE WIDELY. AIRBNB APPROVE HIDDEN CAMERAS AT THEIR HOUSES", reads Nealie's Facebook post. "We have removed the host from our platform".

They are also prohibited from installing any surveillance devices that "are in or that observe the interior of certain private spaces" - ie, bedrooms and bathrooms. Those on the property for security must be properly disclosed before a reservation is made.

Andrew and Nealie Barker stopped in Ireland on March 3, as part of a six-month European holiday, when the trip took a sinister turn. "We were all watching ourselves on his mobile phone", Barker said of the horrifying find; the camera offered a view of the living room, dining and kitchen area.

An Airbnb host has been banned from the site after a hidden camera was found in a rented home in Cork.

It is unclear whether Airbnb has contacted previous guests of the property regarding concealed cameras.

Despite the regulations, as Ms Barker's predicament illustrates, it is possible for cases to slip through the cracks.

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