Amazon and Google are Friends for Now

Amazon and Google are Friends for Now

Amazon and Google are Friends for Now

To set up YouTube Music as the default music service on Google Home, if you already have a Google Home device, you'll need to navigate to Account Settings in your Google Home app, tap Services and select Music.

The easing of tensions today represents a period of Detente for the companies and could be the foundation of a long-lasting long as Amazon keeps selling Google products. An escalation of disagreements had soured both companies on each other to the point that things got this bad, with Google ticked off at one point about Amazon not offering some of its products for sale and Amazon blasting Google for pulling YouTube from Fire TV devices by arguing Google was "selectively blocking" access to an open website. In addition, standalone YouTube TV and YouTube Kids apps will also launch later this year on Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition smart TVs where available.

Washington- Amazon and Google announced Thursday they had agreed to allow each other's streaming media applications to work on their platforms, ending a spat over video between the tech giants.

FAA panel finds Boeing 737 MAX software upgrade 'operationally suitable'
The regulatory agency said the meeting, which included acting administrator Dan Elwell, covered three major agenda items. It said presentations by FAA experts allowed for an open exchange between all participants.

Installing Kodi on Firestick or a Fire TV is easy as pie - no technical knowledge is required. After all, it made up with Apple and ended up stocking the Apple TV and providing that platform with the Prime Video app, too.

Amazon and YouTube are buddies again, and as a result of their restored friendship, the YouTube app will soon return to Fire TV devices and Fire TV smart TVs. Amazon, meanwhile, will add Chromecast streaming support to the Prime Video app. And now, following this announcement, Amazon's more affordable 4K Fire TV hardware will be able to. Unfortunately, the fruits of this new friendship won't be seen for a couple of months at least.

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