Amazon reportedly creating AirPod-like earbuds with Alexa integration

Beats Power Beats Pro in ivory poolside

Beats Power Beats Pro in ivory poolside

Bloomberg's sources are calling it one of the most important projects within Amazon's hardware team.

It'll let users play music, order groceries, get weather forecasts and complete other requests.

"The headphones will look and act similar to AirPods, but people working on the product inside Amazon are striving for better audio quality, the people said", a Bloomberg report explains.

However, the Amazon earbuds won't offer built-in LTE, thus you will still require to tether the earbuds to a smartphone to actually access Alexa.

Besides being priced at $250 which is more than that of the Airpod 2 which goes for about $159. the Powerbeats Pro comes at a bigger size and also has a bigger charging case.

According to Bloomberg's report, the Amazon earbuds have faced development delays, though the company expects it to be released within this year.

Amazon reportedly creating AirPod-like earbuds with Alexa integration

Jeff Bezos' e-commerce platform is reportedly getting the product ready to ship in the second half of 2019. Amazon is now trying to line up suppliers and manufacturing partners. It's unclear when Amazon will announce the new buds, but sometime around August or September sounds reasonable.

They'll come with a wireless charging case akin to the one just released with Apple's second-generation AirPods. Further it can be connected using a standard USB cable.

Using "Hey Siri", voice commands, a user can change volume skip tracks, which works only iOS devices.

The news shows the company's keenness to become a big player in the burgeoning wearables market, of which earbuds are now the fastest growing category. The lightweight design is also sweat- and water-resistant-built and reinforced for optimal performance.

Will the Powerbeats Pro prove to be the best true wireless earphone? Most people didn't like Google's Pixel Buds as much as I did, so Amazon has a chance yet. Among the other similarity, the Amazon product will have with its competitors is that it will come in its own case which again will serve as the charging station as well.

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