Apple's 'Special Project' gets ex-Google AI expert

Maybe Apple is still looking to develop self-driving car technology

Maybe Apple is still looking to develop self-driving car technology

Goodfellow invented a form of AI called generative adversarial networks or GANs, which pits two neural networks (generative and discriminative) against each other to create realistic images and videos.

Goodfellow's move to Apple's "special projects" group is intriguing, as it has historically been responsible for developing undisclosed or not fully disclosed products and technologies for the company.

While Apple declined to comment, Google confirmed Goodfellow's departure, as the iPhone-maker is intensifying its artificial intelligence efforts. The nonprofit was founded in 2015 with the goal of using AI to benefit humanity and is still open today, but Goodfellow decided there were greener pastures back at Google.

Goodfellow most recently served as Google's Senior Staff Research Scientist and previously worked at AI research consortium OpenAI.

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Apple has been increasingly seeking AI talent.

Experts moving around tech companies isn't uncommon and Apple has seen its share of employees leave the company. A year ago the company hired John Giannandrea, the former head of AI and search at Google, to oversee Apple's AI strategy. The company is also working to develop autonomous systems for vehicles, a project that certainly requires top AI engineers.

GANs are two-part networks, formed of both a generator and a discriminator. In practical, GANs is the algorithm behind AI-generated portraits from real images and the software that generates photorealistic paintings from doodles. Still a very young talent, Apple can deploy his experience and influence in various future projects which include improving Siri.

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