Archaeological discovery in Egypt to boost tourism

WATCH: Egyptian archaeologists unveil 4,400yo tomb with spectacular paintings

WATCH: Egyptian archaeologists unveil 4,400yo tomb with spectacular paintings

The ceremonial Opening of the burial chamber antiquities Minister Khaled al-Enani ambassadors and cultural attachés from more than 20 countries invited.

A recent addition to the list is the newly discovered Egyptian tomb near Saqqara, a vast necropolis south of Cairo.

The Tomb is said to belong to an official named Khuwy.

Apart from Khuwy's mummy, canopic jars - containers used to contain bodily organs - broken into several pieces were also found.

The discovery of this tomb highlights the importance of King Djedkare's era and the end of the Fifth Dynasty in general, he said.

Only the bottom part of this decoration is preserved because of re-use of its white limestone blocks in later times in antiquity. Recently, the scientists on a granite pillar were pushed in addition to the name of the Queen Setibhor, is likely to have been the wife of king Djedkare Isesis, the eighth and penultimate king of the fifth dynasty.

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In the north wall of the tomb, the mission found the entrance to a unique substructure, which is for the first time clearly inspired by the design of the substructures of the royal pyramids of the Fifth Dynasty, Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, told Xinhua.

They hope the tomb will give them a better understanding of the 40-year reign of Djedkare Isesi. The fifth Dynasty spanned from the 25th to the 24th century BCE. The pharaoh was also notable for devolving power to provincial rulers around Egypt, weakening the authority of the centralized administration.

Saqqara served as the necropolis for Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt for more than two millennia.

The discovery was made while carrying out excavation and documentation survey.

Leading archaeologist Mohamed Megahed said Khuwy's tomb is L-shaped, with a small corridor leading to a larger room decorated with images depicting the life of the nobleman.

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