Australia grandmother in emotional reunion with Daesh fighter's orphans

'They're not monsters': Aussie gran's bid to rescue orphaned grandkids from ISIS

'They're not monsters': Aussie gran's bid to rescue orphaned grandkids from ISIS

On Tuesday the prime minister, Scott Morrison, continued to suggest the government is "working behind the scenes" to help Sharrouf's children but said there is a "long way to go" before they might be brought to Australia.

Zaynab is now seven-and-a-half months' pregnant with her third child and has been diagnosed with dysentery and severe anaemia since arriving at al-Hawl three weeks ago, the ABC reports.

His comments came after Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) television on Monday night broadcast the plight of Karen Nettleton, the grandmother of deceased Islamic State (IS) fighter Khaled Sharrouf's children, who is trying to bring her grandchildren back to Australia. "That's why we never actually had the heart to leave", she says.

Sharrouf slipped out of Australia in 2013 on his brother's passport because his own had been cancelled due to a conviction for his part in a thwarted terrorist attack plot in Australia. He was a despicable individual. "These children shouldn't be held responsible for what their parents did". This is a very special brand of evil that he lived. "Probably if they can get a lot of love, then I suspect that'll be the best way to help reabsorb them into Australian life".

"Australia's worldwide security always comes first, but I'm very mindful we're dealing with children here", he told radio 5AA on April 16.

Karen Nettleton's five grandchildren were aged between three and 12 when they were taken to Syria from their home in Sydney by their mother, Tara Nettleton, in 2014.

The world learned of them after their father published pictures of his eldest son holding the severed head of an IS prisoner, sending shockwaves around the world.

"These kids should not be a political football", Shorten told reporters.

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"Their parents took them to a war zone, incredibly irresponsibly", he told reporters in Adelaide.

Recalling the moment they arrived in Syria, Hoda says they had no idea where they were going when their mother took them overseas.

Shorten said the children should not be held responsible for being dragged into a war zone.

"The Australian government is dealing with the Red Cross, but it's going very, very slowly". Do you think they should be allowed back into Australia? Just because they're last name is Sharrouf, doesn't mean they are monsters.

Asked what she would say to those who claim their family forfeited the right to come home by going to the IS caliphate in the first place, she replies: "Well I would say we weren't the ones that chose to come here in the first place".

"We were brought here by our parents".

She cries before lifting the material off the two girls' faces and smothering them with kisses as Hoda says: "tell me this isn't a dream". And now that our parents are gone, we want to live.

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