Boy thrown from Mall of America balcony fell nearly 40 feet

Minneapolis Police on April 12 2019

Minneapolis Police on April 12 2019

"The child has been transported to the hospital and has been receiving care". We just want to acknowledge that this is a horrific situation. "The family and this child are in our thoughts and prayers, and I know the family appreciates all the thoughts and prayers that they can get from the they hope for a full recovery of their child".

"That's a pretty high fall", Bloomington police chief Jeffrey Potts said at a news conference on Saturday (April 13) in Minnesota, describing the scene and his reaction to it.

Potts said police managed to apprehend the suspect inside the mall.

The child's mother asked everyone to pray, witnesses said, and security guards, patrons and police began performing CPR.

"We feel confident in saying that the suspect threw the child off of the third floor, but as to why he did that is still something we're looking into and trying to figure out", Potts said. In a separate 2015 incident, Aranda threw a glass at an employee at a restaurant and was arrested and charged with trespassing, fifth-degree assault, obstructing the legal process and disorderly conduct, police said. Aranda faces a preliminary charge of attempted homicide and is being held at the Hennepin County Jail.

Potts said Bloomington police had not had any contact with the suspect since 2015, until Friday's incident. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family. "Why would you single out a kid and ruin a family's life like this?"

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He reiterated that the family did not know Aranda and said they "are completely clueless as to why this monster would target their family with this heinous act of violence".

Hanneman said the boy suffered life-threatening injuries.

Court records show he'd been banned from the mall in the past and was convicted on misdemeanor charges in two incidents back in 2015. In one incident, he was accused of throwing things off the upper level of the mall. In another, he allegedly threw a glass at a woman at a mall restaurant.

That August, Aranda was arrested without incident after police responded to a call that a man had been seen smashing computer parts at a local library, according to court documents obtained by WCCO. He said the suspect immediately took off running but was quickly found and arrested at the mall. Most no-trespass orders are in six-month or one-year increments.

"We think this is a very isolated event", Potts said.

On Saturday, Potts declined to give specifics about Aranda's mental health but said some of the previous cases had been handled in mental health courts.

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