Burger King tests out 'Impossible Whopper'

5774b9df7e0fa512cb21c5a1cca615b2db1e992b- Burger King

5774b9df7e0fa512cb21c5a1cca615b2db1e992b- Burger King

Is such a monstrosity at all possible? The product will be available in the chilled and frozen aisles of supermarkets throughout Europe, while Burger King's trial run is limited to 59 fast-food restaurants in St. Louis area. The burger will cost about a dollar more than its beef alternative, due to its higher cost in producing the plant-based patty. The "meat", which looks remarkably similar to red beef but with nearly no cholesterol or fat, is made from a mixture of vegetables and other non-meat ingredients.

The fast-food chain is now trialling the new meatless burgers in 59 restaurants across St Louis in the US. "That said, it's not bad... it's just not exceptional either". And carnivores - not vegans or vegetarians - are among the biggest consumers.

Going meatless provides health benefits, as we know.

The "Impossible Whopper" patty contains 0mg of cholesterol, 12g of fat, 17 grams of protein and 0% beef, Burger King says in the commercial. Say hello to the Impossible Whopper, a meatless version of the classic burger. It's not a veggie burger, per se.

Nestle SA has reportedly revealed plans to roll out its meatless soy-protein-based burgers throughout Europe and the USA this year.

And another one, yes, the king of not only the burger but of the surprise is at it again.

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The vegetarian burger patty was created by California-based Impossible Foods, The New York Times reported.

White Castle announced in December that it would permanently add the Impossible slider on its menu.

Impossible Foods was founded in 2011 by Pat Brown, a former Stanford University professor, who became a vegan soon after college and founded his company with the explicit goal of decreasing the world's reliance on animal agriculture.

Cover image sourced from Burger King.

Impossible Foods can still sell its burger in public as FDA inconclusively stated that SLH is unsafe.

The creators said the recipe "delivers the rich, beefy taste that discerning meat lovers demand, with as much bio-available iron and high-quality protein as a comparable serving of ground beef from cows". Nestle's new products are made from soy and wheat proteins, with plant extracts such as beetroot, carrot and bell pepper.

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