Comedian dies on stage after making joke about stroke

Veteran comedian Ian Cognito dies during his performance

Veteran comedian Ian Cognito dies during his performance

Veteran comedian Ian Cognito, who was criticised for his racist acts, died on stage while performing a comic act in London.

Paramedics were called to the club just after 10 p.m., but the comedian was pronounced dead at the scene.

Event host Andrew Bird said the crowd thought Cognito was joking, and continued to laugh.

Mold, who was at the venue during the performance, told CNN that Cognito was on stage and "around halfway through his set" when he fell ill.

"He was like his old self, his voice was loud", Bird recalled.

Bird said the 60-year-old had even joked on stage: "Imagine if I died in front of you lot here". After all, he had just joked about what it would be like to have a stroke and wake up speaking Welsh.

Audience member John Ostojak told BBC News that Cognito they came out of the show "feeling really sick".

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Cognito, born Paul Barbieri, started performing in the mid-1980s.

Furthermore, other comedians took to social media to confirm Ian's tragic passing, mentioning the fact that it was a huge shock for the fans in the audience to realize they had unknowingly witnessed his death. Died with his boots on.

Popular stand-up comedian Ian Cognito has passed away after reportedly suffering a heart attack on stage yesterday.

He said: 'Ian Cognito has died.

Audience members apparently thought it was part of his act, and didn't notice anything was amiss until several minutes went by with no reaction from Cognito. "That's a commitment to comedy", he adds.

"I'll never forget his kindness when I started out and how god damn amusing he was", Carr wrote.

Cognito - who lived on a houseboat in Bristol - was known for his outrageous and unpredictable stage act, and would often boast of the number of clubs he was banned from. Matt Lucas (Doctor Who) echoed these sentiments, noting, "He was always kind to me when I started out, and brilliant and provocative and entirely original onstage. A true maverick. Hope he's found somewhere to hang his coat in heaven".

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