EU Gives UK More Time For Brexit Plan

Theresa May at PMQs

Theresa May at PMQs

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wants Britain to commit to remaining within the EU customs union, an idea that May has previous rejected - but which many in Europe would be keen to accommodate. "It could well be that it is a longer extension than has been requested by the British prime minister", Merkel told Germany's Bundestag lower house of parliament.

Macron insisted on speaking last during a working dinner in Brussels on Wednesday night during which he set his stall against a longer extension up to 31 December backed by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel.

As Britain's departure date of March 29 approached with no resolution in sight, the European Union gave Britain until Friday to approve a withdrawal plan, change course and seek a further delay to Brexit, or crash out of the European Union with no deal to cushion the shock.

Despite the vote to leave in June 2016 and pledges to the contrary, the British government confirmed Monday that it would be taking part in the EU-wide elections on May 23-26.

France's President Emmanuel Macron speaks to the press as he arrives ahead of a European Council meeting on Brexit at The Europa Building at The European Parliament in Brussels on April 10, 2019.

Britain had been due to leave the EU on Friday, but May rushed to an emergency summit in Brussels to plead with her European counterparts to hold off on saying goodbye for a couple more months.

But Macron's push for a June Brexit and strong opposition to other leaders' preference for a much longer extension that might increase the chances of Britain changing its mind to stay in the bloc meant the meeting ended up with the October compromise.

Tusk said Thursday morning that UK Prime Minister Theresa May had accepted the offer. The prime minister had asked for a delay only until June 30, but Tusk said in a tweet that she had agreed to a longer "flexible" extension, which provides for Britain to leave any time before October 31 provided Parliament ratifies a divorce deal and passes accompanying legislation to ensure a smooth transition out of the EU.

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Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar (L) gets out of his auto as he arrives ahead of a European Council meeting on Brexit at the Europa Building at the European Parliament in Brussels, April 10, 2019.

"What is indispensable for us is that nothing can compromise the European project in the following months", the French president said as quoted by the Washington Post. The draft conclusions say that if Britain fails to take part, it will leave the bloc on June 1.

Every British initiative to get a deal so far has floundered.

Speaking to The Sun, Mr Farage said, "I said in 2013 that UKIP was going to cause an quake in British politics and I think we can safely say we did that".

By law, they had to reach a unanimous decision.

Some in the room found her presentation "credible and honest".

Tusk said the United Kingdom will also have the option to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit altogether. But in Brussels, May is unlikely to be able to trumpet any breakthrough with Labour - after Tuesday's round of talks, Labour said it had not yet seen any shift away from May's red lines.

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