Excellent new Detective Pikachu teaser is excellent

New ‘Detective Pikachu’ Trailer Features Adorable Pokémon Auditions

New ‘Detective Pikachu’ Trailer Features Adorable Pokémon Auditions

Detective Pikachu follows the furry little Pokemon (voiced by Ryan Reynolds), who finds Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) as they team up to search for Tim's missing father. In a nice throwback to the days of the first Pokemon movies, fans who purchase a ticket to the film will receive a special Detective Pikachu Pokemon TCG promo card.

The Detective Pikachu movie will be finding its way to theatres in exactly one month's time, but that doesn't mean the constant trickle of footage is showing any sign of stopping.

The clip also contains new scenes from the film, featuring Reynolds' Pikachu sitting in the backseat of a auto with Psyduck and interacting with Magikarp.

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Now, we've got a new trailer that shows the producers auditioning Pokémon for the movie, and I have to say it's kind of hilarious.

To get you as ready as can be, though, Warner Bros. on Wednesday released a new teaser for the film via Reynolds' official YouTube account. It's evident that the studio wanted to showcase the excellent attention to detail that has been implemented in order to bring the lovable characters to life.

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