Facebook adds tribute section, new tools for memorialized profiles

It's hard to cope with the loss of a loved one, and it's harder when their profile pops up on Facebook as a suggestion, as if they were still alive. Friends and family members will be able to write posts and share photos in this section to remember their loved one.

Legacy contacts will be able to moderate posts on a profile they are looking after, and parents who have lost children under the age of 18 will be able to apply to be a legacy contact - updating a policy that previously did not allow those under 18 to select one.

Profiles on the social media site stay active after a person dies, which means those who are friends with them still receive "painful" notifications, including a reminder of their birthday and the option to invite them to events or pages.

'This lets people see the types of posts that are most helpful to them as they grieve and remember their loved ones, ' she added. Previously, this was not an option - any profile without a legacy contact listed would be locked upon becoming memorialized, while users under the age of 18 can not nominate a legacy contact. They've been working to get better and faster at this.

Facebook has announced some new changes to the way it's handling the memorialized profiles of people who have died by adding a new tributes section to those pages.

The company is making several changes to how it deals with accounts that have been memorialized, including one that will attempt to put a stop to birthday reminders and event notifications for friends who have died.

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Memorialized profiles are created after Facebook has been notified of a user's death, and can be managed afterward by a pre-determined person.

That person can not, however, log into your account, read your messages, or remove friends / send new requests.

But, while they allow posts from others' depending on the privacy settings, even the legacy contact can't log in or read messages. These new controls were built on features, like the ability to update the person's profile picture and cover photo and to pin a post to the top of their profile.

But for the most part, the memorialized profile will remain unchanged.

Content posted as tributes can be moderated by a person's "legacy" contacts.

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