Ford recalls 327,000 pickups again to fix engine heater cables

Ford recalls 327,000 pickups again to fix engine heater cables

Ford recalls 327,000 pickups again to fix engine heater cables

Ford is issuing a safety recall of certain F-150 and Super Duty pickup trucks equipped with engine block heaters that were already inspected as part of a recall in December into engine-block heater fire risks.

The company reports that there has been one known fire in the USA and one in Canada related to the prior recall work. Previously, the vehicles were recalled for cables that were susceptible to splice-connector corrosion, which could cause shorts, trip household circuit breakers or start fires. That issue can cause electrical shorts and fires.

William Wallace, senior policy analyst for Consumer Reports, says the important thing for owners to remember is that all recall work needs to be done, no matter what else happens. For now, Ford's technicians will disable the block heater cable by cutting off the plug end and sealing the end cap.

All owners will get new cables when the parts become available.

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Ford's F-Series trucks are the top-selling vehicles in the USA and Canada. "Customers are advised to not use the engine block heater cable".

Ford has issued a recall for approximately 654,000 examples of the 2015-2019 F-150 and 2017-2019 Super Duty pickup trucks, of which roughly 327,000 are located in the United States, with the remainder in Canada and USA federalized territories.

"A safety risk only exists while the vehicle is parked and the block heater cable is plugged into an electrical outlet".

Engine block heater cables are plugged into electrical outlets or extension cords to keep oil and anti-freeze warm in extremely cold temperatures. About 131,068 of them are in the United States and USA territories, while the remaining 196,269 are in Canada.

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