Gmail Gets Email Scheduling Feature, Better Smart Compose, and Native Actions

Gmail Google Gmail send later Gmail schedule email schedule email how to schedule emails Gmail new feature Gmail schedule email feature

Gmail Google Gmail send later Gmail schedule email schedule email how to schedule emails Gmail new feature Gmail schedule email feature

After the shutdown of Google Allo the company will focus more on the messaging app and will introduce new features in it to make it more user friendly.

Smart Compose is also making its way to Android and iOS, after being a Pixel-exclusive feature. Gmail gained traction because it had Google search built in, but today is more of an artificial intelligence and machine learning productivity play. It was pretty revolutionary for the time thanks to its massive 1GB storage limit for each user. Google will propose a few times for you, or you can schedule the email to go out whenever you'd like. From here, you can choose several suggested times or customize your own sending time (as seen in the featured image).

"Ever want to get an email off your to-do list but it's after business hours, over the weekend, or to someone who is on vacation and you don't want to interrupt them?" As of today, Smart Compose is being made available in four new languages - French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Meanwhile, it seems that Google finally, at the ripe old age of 15, may also be closer than ever to releasing a feature that users have wanted for quite a while now. So if you're commonly using certain phrases in your emails, it shouldn't take long before Smart Compose starts offering them as soon as you type in the first word or two.

Additionally, Smart Compose will begin tailoring its suggestions to you and your email writing style. That's the kind of thing you could be forgiven for thinking Gmail already had, but it will likely be a welcome addition nevertheless. After shutting down the service, Google also asked users to consider using app-centric Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) or similar popular services like Bitly and as alternatives.

First on deck is an expansion to Smart Compose, which Google said now saves people from typing over 1 billion characters each and every week.

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