Google Maps brings snake back for April Fools

Google Maps Celebrates April Fool's With Twist on Classic 'Snake' Game

Google Maps Celebrates April Fool's With Twist on Classic 'Snake' Game

The game is available for all Android and iOS users, worldwide for a week, the post noted. Following an update sometime today you'll be able to play Snake for one week.

The classic Snake game that made its debut on Nokia phones back in 2007 and achieved popularity not long after, is now available to all Google Map users.

Google said the smartphone version of Snake will be live for a week, but the standalone website will remain online for those who need their fix of early cellphone nostalgia. Once they've done that playing the game is easy.

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In Google Maps, press the menu button in the top left of the screen, then scroll down to "Play Snake" in the menu.

The app got a new S-themed overflow menu that has a red dot to highlight the experience in the navigation drawer. Google has added a couple of cities to the game but you can select the world as well.

You can play in a number of different cities. Cairo, San Francisco, London and Tokyo are all options in the app, or the user can choose to play all over the entire world. Your goal is to pick up passengers for your train, which you do by running those passengers over without hitting yourself or the side of the game board. In San Francisco, for instance, you can get bonus points for running your train over the Golden Gate Bridge, Ferry Building, and Palace of Fine Arts.

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