Identical twins both ordered to pay child support after inconclusive paternity test

Nine9HoneyLatestIdentical twins both ordered to pay child support for 9-year-old girl By Kahla Preston| 3 hours ago

Nine9HoneyLatestIdentical twins both ordered to pay child support for 9-year-old girl By Kahla Preston| 3 hours ago

Twin brothers in Brazil are being forced to each pay child support after a paternity test was unable to confirm who the father of a newborn baby is.

When neither man admitted to fathering the child, the judge ordered DNA tests to be carried out, but both came back positive because identical twins come from the same fertilised egg.

Each brother tried to blame the other, Brazilian news outlet Globo reports.

Under the court ruling, they will each have to pay 230 reais; ($60; £45) a month, or 30% of the minimum salary in Brazil, as maintenance - double the amount of normal maintenance payments. After additional DNA testing was done and returned inconclusive, a judge made the decision to hold them both accountable for supporting the child.

The men allegedly impersonated each other over several years so they could sleep with as many women as possible, but now their scheme has come back to bite them.

This means she will get twice as much as other children from the same economic background.

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In addition, both of their names will be included on the girl's birth certificate.

The judge said the two men had removed the young girl's right to know who her biological father was.

In her testimony, she said she had met the man at a mutual friend's party.

She says her suspicions over the man's identity were raised when she realised the name he introduced himself with was different to the name displayed on his motorcycle.

"One of the brothers, in bad faith, seeks to hide fatherhood", Filipe Luis Peruca, a district judge at Cachoeira Alta court in the central state of Goias, said.

"Such behaviour should not be protected by the judiciary", he added.

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