Immunotherapy Turns Tumors Into Cancer Crushers

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Still, the findings are a breakthrough in efforts to find a cure for cancer, especially after so many trials in the past have failed. These distorted cells often form tumors that can spread, making it hard to treat. This method injects immune stimulants directly into a tumor.

To address this, the researchers developed an in ISV, combining Flt3L, radiotherapy, and a TLR3 agonist, which recruited, antigen-loaded and activated intratumoral, cross-presenting dendritic cells (DCs).

Through this process, the immune cells learned which cells to kill and could continue to kill them throughout the body.

Eight out of 11 lymphoma patients in a small, early clinical trial experienced partial or complete destruction of the tumor that received the initial injection, according to the report published April 8 in the journal Nature Medicine. When the treatment was applied to lab mice, it showed a higher success rate for checkpoint blockade immunotherapy, which is needed to achieve total remission.

Researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in NY tested an experimental treatment on 11 patients with lymphoma, and published their findings in the journal Nature Medicine on Monday.

The results of the clinical trial were successful enough that a second trial in March on patients with lymphoma was given the go ahead, as well as testing on people with head-and-neck and breast cancer.

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The researchers are hopeful that the combination of these therapies could be particularly effective for multiple types of cancers, and with cancer being the leading cause of death worldwide, we can't think of better news.

Researchers created the treatment directly inside the tumor. In this case, the treatment teaches the body to recognize tumors and attack them.

A potential "vaccine" for cancer has shown positive results in a recent clinical trial involving nearly a dozen lymphoma patients, CNBC reports.

There will have to be larger trials before even going before the Food and Drug Administration for review. These cells then instruct T-cells to attack tumors in a person's body, like generals instructing soldiers how to fight. These dendritic cells and T cells act as a ready army said Brody. The method is called vaccine because, although not preventive like the flu shot, it stimulates the immune system to fight the problem.

"Generals don't really fight wars, they make the plans", Brody said.

Patients first received nine daily injections of an immune stimulant meant to "recruit" dendritic cells by teaching them how to recognize cancerous cells, the study authors said. The research was funded by The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, the Cancer Research Institute and Merck. Celldex and Oncovir provided the materials for the clinical trial and lab work.

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