Lori Loughlin, Michael Anenatti and Julian Assange find themselves together behind bars

Kate McKinnon's Lori Loughlin thinks she's the craziest person in prison

Kate McKinnon's Lori Loughlin thinks she's the craziest person in prison

Sporting Loughlin's signature side part and glasses, she added, "You heard me".

This week's "Saturday Night Live" tackled the series of high-profile arrests that have been in the news in recent weeks.

Thompson's character believed he had topped the other prisoners' armed robbery and assault charges with his tale of murdering his neighbor, when another voice chimed in.

Told by an inmate she won't survive more than a week behind bars, the Fuller House and Hallmark Channel actress replied: "You think prison is hard?"

Said McKinnon's Loughlin: "Okay he wins".

"I've done 68 Hallmark movies!"

Pete Davidson's Michael Avenatti also happened to be in the clink: "Did somebody say insane?"

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He then cleaned out his locker, left the stadium and told teammates he was retiring. "And now I'm committed". He abruptly "retired" in August 2011, when, as a Cub, he allowed five home runs in a start in Atlanta.

Davidson as Avenatti said he was "so shady that a porn star once said that she needed to distance herself from me".

SNL player Kate McKinnon channeled Loughlin, cast-mate Pete Davidson played Avenatti and guest star Michael Keaton portrayed Assange.

A new sketch on "Saturday Night Live" poked fun at a number of celebrity scandals that have resulted in real or potential prison stretches. including by depicting Julian Assange, who was arrested last week for allegedly engaged in a "computer hacking conspiracy" to expose human rights violations by the American military, as "an actual James Bond supervillain".

Keaton as Assange was a surprise third entry, first confused for "Santa [who's] back on crack", per Thompson. I'm the king of chaos.

He continues, "I attacked th United States military, bitches. I'm the scourge of the cleaning staff at the Ecuadorian embassy", Keaton's Assange bragged, referencing the location of Assange's seven-year asylum period. "I'm from Australia. I live in London, in Ecuador", said Keaton-as-Assange.

Assange then pulled aside a fellow inmate, played by Kyle Mooney, and threatened to leak all of his incriminating files, including racy "ding-dong pics" and embarrassing ideas for a Shark Tank pitch. "You try figuring that one out", he says. Yeah, you cheat your schools, and you rob your companies. I've attacked the USA military, bitches, 'cause I'm an actual James Bond supervillain.

"You wanna get nuts?"

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