Marathon Forecast: Showers Possible, But Most Of Race Should Be Dry, Sunny

Runners approach the 24-mile marker at the 2018 Boston Marathon last April

Runners approach the 24-mile marker at the 2018 Boston Marathon last April

The Boston Marathon has announced several adjustments for the world's oldest annual marathon because of the stormy forecast. Marathons are always challenging, but sometimes Mother Nature has a way of making them even more punishing.

For the last week, meteorologists have been forecasting another soggy Boston Marathon for runners and spectators alike. But it's not as cold as expected, with temperatures in the 60s as runners arrived instead of the 30s that were initially forecast.

It's never easy to run 26.2 miles all at once, but runners in Monday's Boston Marathon are facing additional challenges for the second year in a row.

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In order to minimize the amount of time runners are waiting in the rain, the Boston Athletic Association adjusted start times to condense the amount of time between the third and fourth wave of runners.

Defending champions Des Linden and Yuki Kawauchi have said they're not bothered by the forecast for a rainy, windy day because they won previous year in similar conditions.

Weather is a bit hairy out there this morning, with possible thunderstorms and a temperature of 64 degrees F.

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