May warned of ouster if United Kingdom forced to fight Euro polls

Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk

Talks between May's ruling Conservatives and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party are ongoing, with the government insisting a compromise can still be reached.

Meetings have been taking place between Tory and Labour politicians to find a proposal to put to MPs which it is hoped can break the Brexit deadlock in the Commons before an emergency European Union summit next week.

The country's original March 29 departure date was delayed last month to April 12 amid the paralysis in parliament.

In her video message, Mrs May said that she could not see the House of Commons passing her Brexit withdrawal deal, after it had been rejected three time previously.

"The Government is determined to work constructively to deliver the Brexit people voted for, and avoid participation in the European parliamentary elections".

Meanwhile the Prime Minister faces resistance from the European Union to her call for a further short delay to Brexit, potentially keeping the United Kingdom in the bloc until June 30.

"The referendum was not fought along party lines and people I speak to on the doorstep tell me they expect their politicians to work together when the national interest demands it", she said, adding that risking the United Kingdom staying would mean "letting the Brexit the British people voted for slip through our fingers". "I'm waiting to see the red lines move".

But an extension is not automatic and requires the agreement of all 27 other European Union countries, with France one of those most cautious about agreeing to it.

They could offer just a shorter postponement - or a longer period of up to a year.

Hammond, however, told reporters on Saturday he was upbeat about breaking the impasse.

Nissan shareholders oust Carlos Ghosn from board
The first two relate to the alleged deferring of around $80m in income and concealing this in official documents to shareholders. Ghosn had scheduled a news conference for April 11 at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan (FCCJ).

"The British authorities and the British parliament need to understand that (the EU) is not going to be able to constantly exhaust itself with the ups and downs of domestic British politics", he said.

He said: "When the multi-annual financial framework comes forward, if we are still in, this is our one-in-seven-year opportunity to veto the budget and to be really very hard, and I hope that any British prime minister would take that opportunity".

But shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey says if no-deal became an option Labour would consider "very strongly" voting to cancel Brexit.

But it confirmed that some newly issued passports will still bear the bloc's name due to an attempt to save public money by using up "leftover stock".

The travel documents had dark blue covers from 1921, but Britain switched to burgundy from 1988, in common with other members of the-then European Community.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is being warned by her rebel Cabinet MPs that they will move to oust her within weeks if the United Kingdom is forced to participate in the European elections next month and extend its European Union (EU) membership beyond June. "The Prime Minister, Mrs May, has made active choices to stop us leaving and she deserves to be held to account for that".

However, Tory Brexiteers have reacted angrily to the prospect of Mrs May accepting Labour's demands, particularly for a customs union with the EU which would allow tariff-free trade in goods with the bloc but limit the United Kingdom from striking its own deals.

Britain's biggest shift in foreign and trade policy in more than 40 years is mired in uncertainty, with ministers saying Brexit may never happen, businesses anxious the country could leave without a deal, and others just wanting to reverse it.

Any compromise between May's government and Labour is sure to inflame divisions within each party over Brexit.

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