Michelle Obama praises Queen and addresses protocol breach

Michelle Obama addresses moment she 'broke royal protocol'

Michelle Obama addresses moment she 'broke royal protocol'

Confronted with questions about her previous meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama offered what the Daily Express described as a "provocative reply" when asked if she would've done things differently - a reference to her allegedly breaking protocol by putting her arm around Her Majesty.

"We were standing in line and the Queen had on a lovely dress - I'm sure it was covered in diamonds - and a crown", she said, according to Express.

In her memoir released in November 2018, Mrs Obama revealed that she and the Queen bonded over their painful shoes during their first meeting in 2009.

She said she had been touched by the queen's decision to wear a small pin badge the presidential couple had given her as a gift, and described Britain's 92-year-old monarch in glowing terms: "That was my experience, that has been my experience: that kind of warmth and graciousness and intelligence and wit - I like her".

"It's like, ok, we gave her a little pin and I remember the evening of the dinner after we exchanged gifts, we were standing in line and she had on a lovely - I'm sure it was covered in diamonds and a crown, and you sort of look and go "all of that is real", you know", she added.

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"This trepidation, the anxiety, it's everywhere, it's all over the world", she said. "You go "that's nice".

"I was looking out over the city, London, a handsome city, and the thing I love about it is it is truly representative of true global diversity, in ways that you don't see in cities, most cities particularly, even in the United States, and that is a gift", she said, drawing cheers. That has been my experience. "Sorry guys", the former first lady explained she would behave in a different way even if she had the chance to go back in time because hers was "a natural human reaction".

"I learned over the course of my time on the global stage to see that either hold my hands together tightly or behind my back to sort of kind of just make sure I was thinking before I reacted naturally".

"She's telling you one thing, and you're remembering protocol, and she says, 'Oh, it's all rubbish, just get in, '" Michelle Obama said. "That was absolutely the right thing to do, because it was the human thing to do".

However, upon their arrival to the palace grounds the Queen "abruptly threw a wrench into everything" by inviting Michelle to join her in the back seat of a Range Rover instead.

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