Microsoft brings screen sharing support to Skype app on iOS and Android

Skype adds screen sharing on iOS and Android - news

Skype adds screen sharing on iOS and Android - news

One of the most useful Skype features is finally coming to Android and iOS.

Microsoft confirmed in a blog post that users in the Skype Insider preview program can play with the new feature as of Thursday. Once you are on the latest version of Skype beta on Android or iOS, try making a video call and using the new Screen Share option.

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It isn't quite as useful as just completely taking control of their mobile device remotely, but it's easily the next best thing, and much easier to set up. Once activated the app will signal that screen sharing is activated, while also letting you stop broadcasting at any point with a single tap in the top left corner. Microsoft made it clear Apple's mobile OS would support the feature, so it's probably just a matter of time rather than anything serious. Unfortunately, most devices don't have a built-in screen sharing option, and only a handful of messaging apps let you do that seamlessly. Or share your swipes on dating apps? If Skype's other experiments are anything to go by, screen sharing could roll out in less than a month. A split-screen feature for displaying what's happening on your side of the call appeared in a beta build of the app (the Skype Insider program), so you'll likely see it in an upcoming release.

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