NASA responds to outrage over spacesuit issue on ISS

All-Female Spacewalk Was Cancelled on 'My Recommendation,' Astronaut Anne McClain Says

All-Female Spacewalk Was Cancelled on 'My Recommendation,' Astronaut Anne McClain Says

NASA astronaut Anne McClain shared a breathtaking video showing the moonset view from the International Space Station (ISS).

"I think, as the lead for the United States segment up here on the Space Station, we are always looking at ways to make our team and our job execution the most efficient that we possibly can", she added. But the trust put in them is high, and the tasks of this spacewalk will be executed with success, hopefully, by the Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques and Anne McClain.

Instead, Koch and NASA astronaut Nick Hague did the assignment, a NASA press release said. "US EVA 54 is on 8 April", tweeted McClain. These guys went out the doors Friday.

"The spacesuit is bulky, no matter what your size", Koch said. "It's very important to have a great fit and we're lucky that we can all get out there and kind of push through those challenges".

McClain said Hague and Koch "did an awesome job" with last Friday's spacewalk and that "they were absolutely the right team for the job". However, just a few days before that second spacewalk McClain informed NASA that she did not feel comfortable wearing the larger size after all. Since just one medium size torso may be made ready by Friday, March 29, Koch will wear it.

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Unfortunately, wearing that same spacesuit for her next spacewalk simply wasn't an option.

"I'll be looking forward to going out the hatch again next week", McClain said.

In case of a power outage on the space station, the cables to be installed by Saint-Jacques and McClain will allow the Canadarm2 to make repairs to the station without the need for a spacewalk.

What Is the objective of the Spacewalk of the Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques?

The seven-hour spacewalk of the astronauts has the objective of connecting jumper cables to the Canadarm2.

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