Netflix Removes AirPlay Support From iOS App, Blames 'Technical Limitations'

Netflix Removes AirPlay Support From iOS App, Blames 'Technical Limitations'

Netflix Removes AirPlay Support From iOS App, Blames 'Technical Limitations'

iOS users are up in arms over the Netflix decision to drop support for Apple's proprietary AirPlay streaming protocol.

Mac and iPhone users have suddenly found themselves chopped off from the world's largest streaming service after Netflix ditched support for iOS devices on Apple TV and AirPlay-enabled TVs and smart speakers after supporting the service since 2013. In the statement, Netflix claimed that the company is now not able to "distinguish between devices" due to the extended third-party support for AirPlay 2. But in a move that looks suspiciously spiteful, Netflix have killed support for AirPlay, citing "technical limitations." .

Cult of Mac noted that iPhone and iPad users can still use workarounds, including sending video to a Chromecast or TV supporting Netflix 2nd Screen, or just connecting their devices directly to a screen with an HDMI cable via an adaptor. According to Netflix, AirPlay doesn't give proper identifiers that allow Netflix to determine what device it's being streamed to, and thus doesn't make sure that their "standard of quality for viewing is being met".

The removal of AirPlay support has been noted by Netflix on its support website.

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The days of beaming your favorite Netflix show to your Apple TV are officially over. Netflix's interactive shows do not work on Apple TV either. The news regarding the removal of AirPlay support came after Apple's announced its Apple TV+ service to take on Netflix.

Apple recently unveiled Apple TV Plus, an ad-free, subscription-based streaming service that will launch in the US shortly. With such capabilities, some users may be less inclined to open the Netflix app on the TV and as such Netflix losses control and user data.

There is an argument in place to suggest that if you own Apple TV, or a Smart TV, and are looking to project content to it via AirPlay from the Netflix iOS app, then it would be much easier and efficient to simply download the native app for that platform, so, therefore, AirPlay isn't needed. Furthermore, the streaming service is also available on major streaming sticks as well.

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