New Mclaren Grand Tourer teased in photos

New Mclaren Grand Tourer teased in photos

New Mclaren Grand Tourer teased in photos

McLaren has finally made a decision to give us a glimpse of the upcoming Grand Tourer.

This is the fourth McLaren to be revealed under the company'sTrack25 business plan, and the new supercar will be officially unveiled in May 2019. Now, with the add-on panels removed, the development team will run further validation tests, including a 1,000 mile (1,600km) drive from McLaren's development base near Barcelona, Spain, back to the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England. Particularly when interested buyers are said to be existing customers who have praised the 570GT's touring abilities.

It is expected to be powered by McLaren's current V8, with a power output greater than the 570GT's, and will cost from £145,000 - on a par with the current 570 Spider.

Overall, the shape appears more focused on elegance, compared to the "noisier" look of the 570S and 720S.

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The GT is one of them, but unfortunately, there's not much to say about it at the moment. It loses little to the S dynamically (and that can be restored with a handling pack), while offering some welcome added style, luxury and sense of occasion. How does that relate to this?

Unlike the cars comprising McLaren's Sport, Super, and Ultimate series, the MoGT won't be based on any other vehicle line; it will be its own auto.

"The McLaren of Grand Tourers will be the most usable mid-engined vehicle yet..." It won't follow the regular and boring McLaren naming strategy either. CEO Mike Flewitt said to expect "competition levels of performance with continent-crossing capability, wrapped in a attractive lightweight body". It's said this McLaren will be the most usable mid-engined auto yet, too. Because the final stretch of development is used to assess aerodynamic performance, noise characteristics, and test other aspects of the auto that can't be locked down with the obscuring bits in the way. But McLaren certainly isn't resting on its laurels, that's for certain - more as we have it!

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